Orion 8" Active 300w RMS Full Range Speaker With Bluetooth


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Ready Date: 20th July 2020

Introducing the NEW Baby Orion. Orion Speakers sound superb and are outselling other famous brands due to the warm British sound delivered as a result of over 50 years of Great British design and engineering.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect a mobile phone, tablet or laptop to the speaker with no cables up to 30 metres away!

Don't be fooled into buying speakers with batteries in. They are not loud enough and do not last very long. To get the punchy power out you need a 240v mains supply.

This speaker is perfect for:

  • Groups of up to 150 people
  • Put one on top of a 12" or 15" Active Sub for the ultimate compact system
  • Inside or Outside due to the water-resistant acoustic foam
  • Dj's - Bands - Duos - Karaoke
  • Garden Parties, BBQ's, Fetes & Carnivals and Worship
  • Dance and Yoga
  • Stage monitoring as its trapezoidal
  • Studio Monitoring
  • FRFR Guitar reproduction

Removing the need for signal cables makes life simpler and safer. This is the perfect speaker for those who need to put music in different places wirelessly.

This speaker is designed to reproduce music to flat and to perfection across all frequencies.

Designed and engineered in Great Britain they are trustworthy, reliable and very loud! 

Key Features:

  • Peak Power: 600 W
  • Bluetooth
  • RCA, Mini Jack, XLR, and 6.35mm Jack Inputs
  • 8'' Low-Frequency Woofer and 1.4'' Tweeter
  • 2-Way Bi-Amplified Design with 300W RMS Power
  • Max. SPL (Peak): 125 Db
  • Frequency Response: 70 - 20000 Hz
  • Lightweight and Durable ABS Enclosure
  • Easy to carry and move
  • 35mm pole mount and Multiple Rigging Points
  • The shock-resistant front grill provides maximum speaker protection
  • Water-resistant polycarbonate case and foam behind the grille
  • Water Proof Covers available
  • Personal Service and UK service centre with low-cost parts

  • Active PA Loudspeaker
  • Low/Mid Driver Dimensions: 8 "
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • Woofer Size: 203.2 mm
  • Woofer Magnet: Ferrite
  • Woofer Brand: BishopSound
  • Woofer Voice Coil: 2 "
  • Woofer Voice Coil (mm): 50.8 mm
  • HF Driver is our BRC135
  • Amplifier: Class D
  • Dispersion (H X V): 90 X 50 &Deg;
  • RMS: 300 W
  • Peak Power: 600 W
  • Frequency Response: 70 - 20000 Hz
  • Max. SPL (Peak): 125 Db
  • Protection Circuits: Multiband Limiter, Over Voltage, Over-Current, Thermal Overload
  • Controls Gain, Mic/Line, Mode Hi-Low Gain Mode
  • Indicators: Clip, On, Signal
  • Mic Inputs Connectors: XLR/Jack multi-socket
  • Line Input Connectors: RCA, Mini Jack
  • Line Outputs: 1
  • Line Output Connectors: XLR
  • Operating Voltage: 100 - 120 V / 50 - 60 Hz Or 200 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz 
  • Cabinet Material: Rugged, non-resonant ABS
  • Width: 280 mm
  • Height: 440 mm
  • Depth: 280 mm
  • Weight: 9 Kg

Your Guarantee is for 12 months and starts from delivery date but please read on. The warranty is recorded with the BishopSound Order number which begins with a B. Please download and keep a copy of your invoice and keep it safe.

We know problems can occur from time to time so even after 1 year I am here to help. We carry parts and we treat everyone as we expect to be treated ourselves so we will work hard to get a win win.

We still help people who bought from us at Carlsbro 30 years ago with parts (if they are available) repairs and solutions. BishopSound prides itself on treating every customer as a family friend.

In short if the problem was caused by me its up to me to fix it. If you had an accident then I will try my hardest to fix it at little or no cost to you. This guarantee is in addition to, and does not affect your statutory rights or the other right of consumer purchases.

For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions

    Get in touch with BishopSound today for professional and friendly advice. Alternatively, you can call us on 01765 698 233 or 07973 223949. If you want to send a direct email please use andrew@bishopsound.com or victoria@bishopsound.com.

    If you have a question use this form or Live Chat and if you're interested in becoming an official distributor of BishopSound products, please get in touch below.

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