PA Packages & Systems

At BishopSound, we offer our customers looking for a PA Package to either select from our range of pre-made packages, or to build their own from scratch.

Pre-made or build your own - What's the difference?

Getting the right PA Package/System for your event is no easy task. With so many factors that can impact the type of equipment you purchase, such as type of venue, indoor or outdoor, type of music being played, budget etc, we understand that building your perfect PA Package can be difficult.

That's why we offer both pre-made bundles that have been expertly paired over time to cater for a wide range of applications, or for those who need something completely bespoke, you can build your own PA Package from scratch and save up to 10%!

Pre-made PA Packages
Shop our collection of pre-made PA packages, formerly known as Big Gig Rigs. These packages range in power and have been carefully combined together for varying audience sizes, perfect for a plug and play setup.
BishopSound PA Packages
Build Your Own PA Package
Looking for something a little more bespoke for your requirements? Our online PA Package builder lets you choose from a range of different components so you can build your perfect bundle, all while saving up to 10%.
Build Your own PA Package

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