BishopSound design and manufacture speakers for public and private performance. Reproducing the Great British sound, we pride ourselves on being affordable and reliable, backed up by personal customer care and assistance to ensure perfect sound inside or outside.

During the 1960s a generation of British bands swept the world's music charts, taking with them not just their music, but also a very distinctive 'British sound' derived from the amplification and loudspeakers they used. It wasn't just in the world of guitar amplification that this distinctive tonal quality gained respect but also in Hi-Fi, recording studio mixing consoles, loudspeakers and PA systems.

One of the most important companies supplying this demand for 'British sound' equipment was Carlsbro Electronics, founded by the late Stuart Mercer in 1959. Hugely successful both at home and around the world, though Stuart passed away in 1996, the company's sound lived on and the company was eventually acquired by entrepreneur Andrew Bishop in 2001. Andrew drove the company to even greater international success before selling it to a leading Chinese manufacturer following the global financial crisis of 2008.

Demand for 'the British sound' did not diminish, however and with few manufacturers left who understood what it was or were able to offer it, customers turned to Andrew Bishop again, urging him to put his name to a new generation of Sound equipment that while absolutely up to date was voiced with that distinctive and highly musical sound they felt was missing from a lot of speakers and sound equipment then on the market. BishopSound, launched in 2016, set out to do just that.


BishopSound now supplies a large and rapidly growing demand in the UK for advanced sound equipment and related products which it also sells in over 200 countries around the world - with more being added all the time. We proudly design our unique products here in Yorkshire, traditionally the home of some of the world's finest Hi-Fi equipment and loudspeakers  Our promise is to deliver an unrivaled sound quality and world-class customer service.