BishopSound Rewards

Our customers are the heart and soul of everything we do at BishopSound, so we think it’s only right to say thanks for your continued support and loyalty. It’s super easy to become a member of our rewards program - find out how below.


Create a BishopSound account today and start earning your Sound Points. If you've already got an account, then good news - you're already a member and you can begin spending right away.

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With our rewards program, you earn 5 Sound Points for every pound you spend. You can also earn points when you refer a friend, follow us on social or more (see below).

More Ways To Earn


Your points can be redeemed for discounts, free products, free delivery and more. Check your balance today and start spending - just click here.

Redeem Points


  • What is BishopSound Rewards?

    BishopSound’s rewards program where you earn points for spending and engaging with BishopSound. As a member, you’ll gain exclusive and early access to discounts, you’ll be the first to know about new products, and you’ll be able to swap your points for money off and free products.

  • How long do my points last for?

    Your points last for 12 months from when you start to accrue them. This only comes into effect from the 10th August 2021.

  • How do I join BishopSound Rewards?

    Simply sign up to a free account. If you’ve already made an order through BishopSound and created an account, you’re already a member - just log in and check your Sound Points.

  • What is a Sound Point?

    Sound Points are the currency of BishopSound Rewards. You earn 5 Sound Points for every pound you spend at BishopSound.

  • How do I see how many points I have available?

    Simply log into your account if you’re not already logged in, and then click the ‘Rewards’ button in the bottom left of the screen. Your balance will be displayed there.

  • What happens if I return an item and get a refund?

    We’ll deduct the points that you earnt as part of that product from your balance.

  • My points balance doesn't look right?

    All actions to earn points must be done via the BishopSound Rewards widget, accessed by clicking the ‘Rewards’ button in the bottom left. Any actions completed through other means won’t be eligible for points. If you don’t think your balance is correct, you can also get in touch with us via LiveChat or by filling in our contact form. Please also note that points can take 24 hours to be updated.

  • How do I refer a friend?

    Click the “Rewards’ tab in the bottom left of the screen, and follow the instructions. Once your friend has made their first purchase of £100 or more, we’ll credit you with your points.

  • Can I earn points when checking out as a guest?

    No, you do not earn Sound Points when checking our as a guest customer.

  • Are there any limitations on points I can earn?

    Yes, for the following actions, you can only earn points for a limited amount of actions. Product Review: You can only earn points for a maximum of 2 product reviews. Company Review: You can only earn points for a maximum of 1 company review.

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