Bishopsound customers love the Behringer iNuke amplifiers

Behringer NU4-6000

Over the years Behringer has received mixed reviews on its products and like most companies have strengths and weaknesses.

Bishopsound customers are embracing the iNuke amplifiers and getting great value for money.

“The combination of the Bishopsound speakers with the Behringer iNuke is perfect and 2000 bikers at a recent rally cannot be wrong,” says bobby a DJ and band member in the North East of England.

It is fair to say that the 2 channel iNuke 6000 delivers 2,047 watts RMS a side into 4 ohms and not 3000 watts but for just over £300 nobody is complaining and the amp only weighs 5kg.

One of the reasons that the iNuke are so good and reliable is that I am certain the Lab Gruppen engineers have cast an eye over the design and made a few tweaks.

With the service centre in Kidderminster and great customer care, I believe its the right time to consider the iNuke to power your Big Gig Rigs.

For example, this 8000w RMS PA System will only cost £2,657 including VAT and free delivery –

If you need any help matching amplifiers to speakers just give me a call. The big move back to passive systems from active systems is on.

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