5 Reasons Why I Dislike Black Friday

No Black Friday

You will never see Black Friday deals on Bishopsound. I will give you the best price I can every day and not wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Drop Your Trousers Tuesday!

  1. If a company can sell stuff cheaper on Black Friday why does it not do that all year round?
  2. I would be very upset if I bought something last week that was 50% cheaper on Black Friday!
  3. Why are we all waiting to buy anything until Black Friday allowing us to be manipulated by greedy retailers?
  4. Its dangerous, fruit cakes queue and then push and shove in stores to grab a “so-called” bargain. Bonkers!
  5. It encourages overspending at a time when families are bracing themselves for Christmas.

If you are planning to buy Speakers, Cables, Stands there is no need to wait until Black Friday and it will be the same today as it is on Black Friday. The stock may be lower but the prices will be the same. I am not a party pooper, I just want everyone to get a fair price all the time. Its horrible when you see you could have purchased something cheaper, it’s not fair.

All we are interested in is getting the best sound so that people keep coming up to us during and after a gig saying “Your sound is amazing, thank you, please can I have a business card”. I am certain, like me, you are focused on buying the best quality products at the most affordable price and will not allow yourself to be bamboozled with offers for things that you do not need.

We follow the USA and get many good things but I think Black Friday is something we can all do without.

Roll on Christmas…..




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