Wedding PA Systems

by Andrew Bishop

For many, hiring a DJ or live band is not an option for their wedding size and budget. Check out out our Q&A session below where Andrew answers some of your most asked questions when it comes to sound for your wedding.

Q: What sound equipment do you need for a wedding?

A: How big is your wedding reception? The average size of a UK wedding reception is 105 guests and many of them will want to sit and chat and not dance all night so the sound system needs to be conservative.

Q: How can I do the sound and DJ for my own wedding?

A: A pair of 8" Orion speakers with stereo Bluetooth and a microphone input is all you need for an average wedding and playlists can be created in advance on you mobile phone or tablet.

For African and Asian weddings the guest can number over 1000 people so booking a professional DJ or band may be simpler.

Q: What are your top tips for the sound at my wedding?

A: Here is a simple guide to providing sound for a wedding:

  • Don't make it too loud - relatives and friends need to catch up and talk at a wedding so direct your Orion speaker to the dance floor and not surrounding tables.
  • The general rule to protect young ears and allow conversation means the maximum sound level should be no greater than 85 decibels in the centre of the dance floor.
  • Get your guests to select their favourite track when they RSVP and include it in the playlist.
  • Remember a wedding reception is not a rave or an underground nightclub its a celebration shared with family and friends often a single 12" active Orion speaker is all you need.
  • Most Orion speakers whilst producing great sound are portable on wheels so can be moved inside or outside and between rooms easily. This means if speeches are in one room and dancing is in another relocation is easy. 

Q: How much will it cost?

A: For most weddings all you need is a pre-recorded playlist, a microphone and a speaker. The cost starts at less than £200 and you own the kit to use at other family get togethers, BBQ's, parties or to lend to friends.

Q: Is it difficult to set up a sound system at my wedding?

A: Setting up a PA system for the average wedding takes 5 minutes the most time consuming exercise is creating the playlist, trying to remember your favourite music.

For more specific advice on wedding sound systems speak to the team at BishopSound who with over 50 years of experience will guide you to the perfect wedding sound system.