St Michaels Hospice - Support Through Sound 2020 Q3 Winners

by Andrew Bishop

At the time of writing the UK is going through COVID-19 and daily life for the vast majority is depressing.

Earlier this year, the virtual London Marathon witnessed thousands of independent runners raising money for causes close to their hearts, physically putting others before themselves.

At BishopSound we have always put others before ourselves as we believe that going the extra mile and treating others as we expect to be treated ourselves are the right foundation stones for a sound Business. Allowing everyone to be heard, without compromise, is BishopSound.

In line with this, in July and August 2020, we ran a campaign called 'Support Through Sound', aimed to give back to the local heroes who have been on the front line during these tough times. We focused on the healthcare and charities sector, and we let you decide who you think should receive a sound system worth over £200

Community is very important to us at BishopSound and we are so pleased to gift this equipment to such a great local cause. We want to be there to help when it’s needed, which is just what Saint Michael’s is about; you are there when people most need you. We know that your fundraising has been impacted by coronavirus so it’s fantastic that this equipment will support much needed fundraising events in the future, and improve supporter experience.

Andrew Bishop, owner of BishopSound

We were inundated with nomations from across Yorkshire, so thanks to everyone who contributed. Our winners were picked entirely at random shortly after. 

Giving something of huge value to those in need fills our hearts with joy and chimes with our core values.

Our winners

Our randomly chosen winners were St Michaels Hospice. When permitted, St Michaels Hospice raise funds at events all across the country, where fundraisers gather to contribute to the many causes that St Michaels Hospice support.

St Michael's Hospice receiving donation from BishopSound

At these events, the organisers need to have the right equipment to be able to host their events, and when the hospice learnt they had won an Orion 15 they were overjoyed. 

From here on fundraisers for St Michaels Hospice will be heard and so to all those in their care who will hear the sweet sound of those who continue to put others before themselves!

We are delighted and grateful to receive this kind nomination from longstanding supporter Mr Nightingale, and this state of the art audio equipment from BishopSound, which will help improve supporter experience at future fundraising events. Saint Michael’s relies heavily on the support of our community, including the support of local businesses, to continue delivering vital services to people living with terminal illness and bereavement across the Harrogate District. We look forward to putting the equipment to good use as soon as possible.

Tony Collins, Chief Executive of St Michael's Hospice