Sound Systems for Places of Worship & How To Save Money

by Andrew Bishop

How are you delivering your message? You can spend hours writing your best sermon but who can hear it and how do they hear it, does it have the clarity and impact you intended?

How many times have you visited a church only to hear mumbling preachers and muffled music through dated crackly and distorted speakers?

Is it any wonder why so many houses of worship are losing congregations? Trust me, it's not the message as that has not changed for thousands of years; it’s the way the message is delivered.

Pastors at successful Evangelical churches thankfully start with getting the sound right which is why congregations in certain religious followings are growing. Worshipers hear the message and listen as it warms them and moves them!

It is understandable why some churches fail to grow congregations as few can afford the obscene prices that many “so called” specialist church installers are charging.

This week we put a system into a church for less than £700 that works perfectly and sounds sweet to the ear. The Church was originally quoted £5,000 by a sound installation company. Disgusting! Thankfully, the church in question now has over £4,000 free to put into other initiatives like caring for the homeless or feeding hungry families.

BishopSound manufacture affordable, reliable, durable British sounding speakers under the banner “do to others as you expect done to you”. We started BishopSound because we have a passion for sound. With a team of trusted, self-employed, hardworking knowledgeable sound engineers up and down the country ready and waiting to ensure your church is not “ripped off”.

I've been specifying and installing sound systems for houses of worship across the UK and the rest of the world for many years. From Mosques in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to isolated villages in West Africa. We still have 3 power amplifiers working perfectly under a font in a church in Ghana, preaching the “Word” every day for the last 35 years without missing a beat. 

Andrew visits mosques working with the Iman to ensure the Holy Quran when spoken has the correct reverberation, inflection and echo as the way every Holy Word is spoken truly matters.

Four full range speakers with an amplifier, microphones, and a mixer for a congregation of up to 300 starts at £500.

Thankfully across the land trusted treasurers’ churches and other institutions such as schools, nursing homes, clubs, associations, and charities are questioning expenditure and calling BishopSound for an honest quotation for their sound systems and getting results.

My message is simple - call me before you commit to a new sound system for your house of worship and grow your congregation by delivering your message with the clarity and impact it truly deserves.