BishopSound Makes Glastonbury Debut

by Andrew Bishop

Bringing back the British sound to festival goers!

BishopSound, the innovative young UK PA company, is making its debut at the Glastonbury Festival 2019, Wed 26th-Sun 30th June. BishopSound speakers are to be used exclusively on a new stage being run by the long-established Glastonbury suppliers, Bristol based A1 Entertainments.

For the brand-new stage, which will be used to host up and coming DJs, BishopSound has supplied four Beta BB118 enclosures and four Beta BB215s. The BB118 is a passive sub-woofer particularly popular with DJs for its tight, well-defined bass frequency response. Each speaker will handle 1,000 Watts RMS from 35-100Hz with 107dB sensitivity.

The BishopSound Beta Twin 15 BB215 is a passive, upright full range speaker fitted with 'Easy Move' wheels. Like the BB118 it will also handle 1,000 Watts RMS, offers 101dB sensitivity and a frequency response from 56Hz-20kHz.

Andrew Bishop says: 'We're thrilled and delighted to be bringing a uniquely British sound back to Glastonbury this year. It's a great step forward for us as a company and shows the confidence that customers have when they have experienced BishopSound speakers' reliability and sound quality. They know they can trust us with a brand-new stage at one the world's premier live events'.

BishopSound make all there own drivers and use British Paper Cones to ensure consistent quality. The driver loaded in the BB118 is our BDP18 of which we have sold over 3,000 with only 4 that have developed any faults.

Our BishopSound Sound is warm and rich and often referred to as crisp full and clear. It is hard to define sound but many adore BishopSound and we are proud to be flying the flag at Glastonbury 2019.

If you are attending Glastonbury please visit the BishopSound Stage and send us your video, images and stories. More details will follow soon on the build up and precise location...