5 reasons you need a subwoofer for your outdoor event

by Andrew Bishop

Playing inside or outside subwoofers make all the difference to sound and truly matter if you love to hear every note of your favourite music!

12” and 15” Compact speaker pa systems do a great job but sadly physics dictates that many cannot reproduce the lower frequencies.

To get that tight punchy bass inside or outside you have to pump some air!

8”, 10” 12” and 15” speakers deal well with mid-range frequencies but are too busy dealing with everything over 100Hz up to 2000hz to take care of bass.

Many pubs, clubs, DJ’s and venues, desperate for bass drive their speaker too hard producing distortion, when all they needed to do was add a subwoofer!

Subwoofers for Indoor gigs

If you are a live performer or DJ with no subwoofer all the bass sounds you have worked to create are not as good as they could be. Your music may sound great in the studio and on headphones but live, in front of an audience it will sound as thin and lacklustre like school gravy! Why?

  1. As a band, your bass sounds and kick drums will lack that meaning and soul you need to sound your best.
  2. If bass is lacking your PA speakers could distort when you drive the lower frequencies. A dedicated subwoofer delivers all those low frequencies that are missing from your mix and brings warmth and meaning to your performance.
  3. When you add a subwoofer your main speakers do not have to work so hard on reproducing the low frequencies which means your pa system sounds louder, clearer and much more defined.

Finally sub bass inside a venue is not directional so your subwoofer can be positioned in a safe, event friendly location.

Subwoofers for Outside Events

Remember what they say? "Outside Space Needs More Bass"!

Q- What happens when there are no walls and ceilings?

A- You need plenty of sub bass power to move more air! Why?

  1. With no room surfaces to contain the sound and with the high ambient noise typically found at outdoor events the first issue you face outdoors is the amount of sound.
  2. The lack of walls to boost the bass response means you lose several decibels.
  3. Working in a tent, marquee or in the open air with nothing to retain sub bass 18” subs are the most popular solution to ensure a Full Range reproduction of sound.
  4. Working against you is the fact that human hearing is less sensitive at low frequencies than at mid and high frequencies. Audiences like to feel the bass. Getting great sub bass outdoors takes effort.
  5. Playing outdoors you will not need to tinker too much with the mids and highs, but an injection of sub bass boost in the 35Hz to 100Hz range will improve balance and deliver impact.

Subwoofers can be self-powered often referred to as active or simply woofers in cabinets called passive subs.

The most popular size is 18” but 12”, 15”, 18” and even 21” for extra low cinematic bass can be used. The reggae crew love the 21” subwoofers.

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