The Best British Speakers

by Andrew Bishop

BishopSound continue to grow with the support and backing of professional PA engineers, British professional performers, and all of those around the world who can tell the difference between sound and the Great British sound.

Yorkshire remains the birthplace of most respected British speaker manufacturers and remains a home of first-class PA and Hi-fi engineering and design.

Sound, to Andrew is split into numerous types, such as:.

  1. The American Sound – All top and bottom with nothing in the middle.
  2. The German Sound – Clinical, sharp, precise, and directly on point with no warmth or edges.
  3. The Chinese Sound – Beijing opera, high piercing frequencies, knock your head off!
  4. The British BishopSound – Warm, rich, inviting, clear, easy on the ear focused on breathing life into musicians’ creations without compromise.

Therefore we are on a mission.


We will be the performer’s first choice for British-made sound systems used for live public performance.  Our systems feature clear and powerful British sound, delivering quality British-engineered products of outstanding value and great service by working smarter, simpler and together.  As we do so, we will deliver great service and build a community of likeminded professionals who are passionate about sonic excellence.


With clients help and support, we will be a leading brand for British-made sound systems used for live public performance.  We aim to have most of our products manufactured locally and to be a major exporter, widely known amongst professionals for delivering quality British-engineered products of outstanding value and performance as well as our passion for British Sound and for delivering great service.  Our business will be flexible, outsourcing non-core activities where possible, with low overheads, allowing Andrew to concentrate on listening to customers and providing technical input to maximise the effectiveness of our products.


We are driven by excellence in sound engineering.  We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and aim to create products which deliver a unique and refreshingly clear British Sound.


  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Passion
  • Social responsibility
  • Respect

Andrew Bishop, born in 1960, the previous owner of Carlsbro Sound has been listening and voicing speakers since the age of 12 - the quest to make the best British Speakers to send around the world continues.