Point Source V Line Array

by Andrew Bishop

Since 1957 point source speakers were the method to deliver performance sound, thanks mainly to the basic principles set out by Harry Olson.

Line arrays appeared in the mid 90's and became the fashion. Often expensive and time consuming to set up and get right, touring folk are beginning to ask if there is another way, and many are looking more closely at pros and cons.

For touring, in truth operators use point source for side and front fills, centre clusters or specifically placed points to compensate for dark areas not covered by the line array.

Point source is very easy to set up, quicker to rig and de-rig and when budgets are tight still deliver. Versatility and time saving often means the jobs are won.

Line array does look very impressive and customers need them and aspire to using them which is no crime.

Point source is very adaptable and line array looks good so  combination of the two may be the way forward so BishopSound have introduced a compact dual 8" line array which together with some subs and side/centre fill could be the ideal solution for gigs where the budget is very tight.

The sound will be amazing and visually smaller promoters will be happy that the stage looks like Glastonbury!

With all sound applications it is good to give Andrew a call at BishopSound to see if the BishopSound Line Array and/or our huge point source will do the job and meet your needs.

Money is tight in the world of sound and getting jobs is hard as budgets are squeezed. We will have a solution and more importantly could save you time and money.

In summary...

Point source may be old fashioned but will never go out of date and line array certainly has its applications but a blend of both is the future and ensures everyone in the audience hears a perfect sound.