Church Sound Systems

by Andrew Bishop

Many customers ask "What is the best sound system for a church or house of worship"

What are the five most important things to consider when installing a church sound system?

1. Will every member of the congregation get the same clear and concise sound regardless of where they are sitting or standing?

2. Is the building a listed building and can speakers be fixed safely to the wall or ceiling.

3. Does the Church PA System need to be portable and easy to set up and take down between services?

4. Will live music be played by a band and do you need to microphones for a choir pastor or church leader to be wireless?

5. Are there occasions when people outside the building need to hear the service or do you need a sound system to call people to prayer in your mosque?

Many believe that getting the right sound in a house of worship means lots of power and big speakers  is the key to ensuring the congregation hear the word of the lord but this is often the biggest mistake.

A sound system in a house of worship must achieve 3 things:

1. Complete crystal clear clarity with absolutely no background noise.

2. Richness and depth so that the sound people hear touches the soul and does not stop at the ears.

3. Warmth and tactility so that the listener feels touched and moved by the amplified messages be them music or the spoken word.

BishopSound have worked in the biggest and smallest houses of worship and have achieved many accolades for its work. This is due to the way BishopSound speakers are voiced with a full range flat response.

BishopSound has its roots in Carlsbro and in Ghana today its power amplifiers are installed in a church under the font and have not been switched off in 27 years! Reliability and durability matter, especially when budgets are tight.

Working with our Muslim customers BishopSound speak with many Iman who reinforce the need for clarity in the words of the "Holy Quran". It is the way it is spoken out loud with the correct sound settings and brought to meaning in public which influences the true listener.

Three things need to be controlled in the amplification and reproduction of the "Holy Quran" in front of worshippers in a mosque.

1. Reverb and echo

2. Delay time and resonance

3. Volume and tracking the movement of the Iman during prayer

Each religion and every gathering of all nominations needs to be respected and not treated disrespectfully.

Many in the sound business chase the £/$ when religious establishments call for help but BishopSound are different, we seek perfection in sound reproduction and this is the most important factor when the spoken word and peoples beliefs are truly respected.

If BishopSound cannot help you get the perfect sound in your place of worship we will tell you and direct you to a trusted friend who can help you as we treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves.

Call BishopSound now and tell us your story especially if you are not happy with the sound in your church and house of worship.