Benefits and features of Orion Speakers

by Andrew Bishop

It is hard to know where to start with The Orion speaker; put simply, once you have one, its array of features will ensure you never look back.

This is the kind of product that sells itself. One owner tells another and we find that word of mouth does the rest, but just in case you've missed the excitement, we're going to highlight why you might want to consider this speaker.

Why is the Orion speaker so sought after? Here is a summary of what customers have said over the last six months.

Exceptional, loud sound.

“So powerful I have never had to run the speakers over half volume, they are so loud which is great when we have over 300 people at our Indian weddings. We need plenty of bass for the drums too!"


“The range is phenomenal! We had one on the other side of the sports field over 50 metres away and I played all my music from my iPhone with no interference!"

Bass and Treble

“I could never get the right sound with my Alto or FBT speakers, so much so that I went to get my ears tested and then my friend suggested I should buy an Orion because of the five band EQ. Five small faders let me control every single frequency from 40 Hz right the way up to beyond human hearing! The means I can get that rich tone for my dance classes and everyone can hear the beat without making the song muddy, if you get my drift."

Link them up without compromise

“The room was big, and I did not want a loud sound all from one end. I needed the sound to be even so that everyone in the room had the same volume level. I linked six Orion speakers together and fed the signal into one and even though they were all facing each other there was no feedback or interference. The sound quality was astonishing and so many people commented on the clarity. We had a great conference and will never have to hire or rent speakers ever again!"

The best BBQ sound

“My family were fed up with the sound from my Bose Bluetooth speakers as outside the volume was not loud enough so we bought an Orion [speaker] and now we have great parties. The Orion is the best outside speaker and we use it on Guy Fawkes to play music for fireworks. Every time the BBQ comes out so does the Orion because we love music!"

Rock 'n' Roll

“My back is not a good as it used to be, so I thought my job as a mobile Karaoke DJ was over but then my brother told me about the Orion on wheels that weighed less than 19kg! Most of the pubs and clubs I play at do not have car parks which means I have to wheel my speaker for up to 10 minutes between venues. The set up takes me five minutes now and I am rocking and rolling all over the city: so thank you Mr Bishop for giving me and my KTV a new lease of life!"

Keeping cool

“My Mackie speaker used to get really hot and I thought it was my keyboard that was causing the problem then I tried my friends Orion and the electric piano sound was far better and clear and the speaker did not hot and there we no noisy fans. Andrew explained that the amplifier in the Orion speaker was class D which means it generates next to no heat and runs cold regardless of the volume level."

The perfect sound 

“As a singer I need to hear my voice and could not work with in ear monitoring. My Yamaha wedge monitors did not give me a very clear sound, so the drummer showed me his drum monitor. What a difference! The trapezoidal Orion speaker is a perfect wedge monitor and is exactly the right angle. The five band EQ helped me filter out any unwanted frequencies and feedback. For the first time I can hear my voice and I get more people come up to me after a gig telling me how great my voice sounds. Success!"

Room to spare

“I don’t have the room on my drive for a van anymore, so I needed to fit my DJ rig in my car. I can fit a pair of Orion speakers and lights into the boot of my car with stands. Now I really am a mobile DJ with a great sound and light show which is fast to set up."

British summertime approved

“My JBL speakers are outside in all weathers and after a few months the sound was not as good. Andrew told me that on the Orion speaker he applied acoustic foam the back of the metal grill which prevents moisture weakening the paper cone which means the speakers sound better for much longer. I put a cover over the electronics and the British climate can do as it pleases."

Higher and Higher

“I bought a pair of Orion’s after my colleague told me about the pole mount with the locking bolt on the bottom. I use a pair of BishopSound wind up stands and the music goes higher and higher (8ft high) to be honest."

Stand and deliver

“The school gave me the horrible job of buying some speakers for sports day and performances on the stage in the assembly hall. The Orion’s are perfect school speakers and the stand firmly on the stage on their feet and go on stands for gym speakers and around the school, we trundle them everywhere, so we are really pleased. The school headmaster says that these speakers really deliver value for money."

Up, up and away 

“We need to hang the speakers in the club so the special flying points on the top of the Orion speaker were perfect. All we did was plug them in and send the sound using Bluetooth, so we could control the volume easily."

Round and Round the Garden

“We needed portable garden speakers with a radio mic as we needed to give lectures all over the parks and gardens and it was easy to carry the Orion or wheel it on the paths come rain or shine. Andrew put the perfect package together for under £300."

Plug 'n' Play

“I have a large garden and in the summer we have lots of parties in our party tent, so we needed speakers as we like to DJ ourselves and play our music. We use lots of different methods such as a CD player and turntables so being able to use the phono, XLR and jack sockets are important to us."