Are you ready for events to restart in 2021?

by Andrew Bishop

Since March 2020, our industry has seen production of speakers grind to a halt. However, we do have some stock left for our best selling items. With that in mind, as soon as gigs are permitted again we're expecting demand for loudspeakers to increase dramatically. However, with that, many of us in the industry will likely be subjected to longer lead times for new production at around 6 months.

If you are planning a gig in the spring or summer of 2021, we strongly advise your buy now so you can take possession now before the rush, to ensure you're able to get the products you need. 

As an active member of the #wemakeevents movement, the vast majority of our community are hopeful that we'll be in a position for events to begin again at a normal level around Easter 2021. 

To add to the this, we have the added complication of UK port disruption due to Brexit which will likely delay the arrival of essential parts too. While we have stock now, we do not know how long it will last and can not guarantee when we will have more.

2020 lockdowns have taken their toll on our industry at both a personal and commercial level, with many being subjected to compulsory lay-offs and reduced pay. Some of us (over 3 million) especially in the entertainment industry, have had no help at all. 

The results of German concert experiment ‘Restart-19’ have been released, with professors behind the study saying that “concerts are not dangerous” as long as there is good ventilation, suggesting that outside events will be the first to be sanctioned viable. Now is the time to plan and confirm your sound system purchase.

We can get you started with complete ready to go systems capable of entertaining 400 people for less than £500 and if you want to please a bigger audience, we have line array and 3000w 18” subwoofers.

Just live chat, email or call us and we will give you all the help, advice and support you need.

Timing is everything, so plan now and take advantage of stock whilst it is here. Very sadly, many hire and rental companies have not survived COVID-19. Many DJ’s have retired, and some bands have split up. Those that have survived will have to deal with the backlog of events and celebrations that had to be put on pause for 12 months.

The whole country needs a reason to have some fun, celebrate and share some joy at the minute, and there's no better way to do that than through music and dance - so join us in preparing now to help make that happen.