Big Gig Rig 45 - Compact Active 1600w RMS 8" Tops and a Twin 12" Active Subwoofer PA System With Bluetooth


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British Design, British Sound! This is the perfect compact high powerful very punchy Club/Pub Gig Rig for performers where clarity and quality of sound really matter. Voiced by Andrew for British Musicians and Playback.

DJs and Karaoke kings love this system! A real showstopper at BPM Show last year when we demonstrated the prototype.

2 x Orion 8" Active 300w RMS Top Speakers With Bluetooth - Only 9kg each!

1 x Delta Twin 12" Active Compact 1000w RMS Subwoofer

2 x 35mm to High-quality Telescopic Tripod stands in a durable quality gig bag

Helpful Information:

  1. British Design - Lifetime Warranty - Really Powerful
  2. Stereo TWS Bluetooth 5.0
  3. Easy to rent out as it's so easy to set up and use
  4. Travel to gigs quickly fits in a small car, not a van!
  5. You can use the tops without the sub for a smaller 100 - 200 audience
  6. Multichannel playback features and studio playback quality

Key Features:

  • Sound for up to 600+ people - Plug and play
  • 6,400 watts Peak Power
  • FRFR compatible - Flat response system
  • Fully Active System with Bluetooth and Speaker Management included
  • 100% Long Lasting 15mm, 13 ply Marine Birch Plywood Subwoofer and Polycarbonate Full Range top
  • 4 Coats of thick Jet Black PU paint on the subwoofer
  • Glued Screwed and bolted sub
  • BishopSound Cast Alloy purpose-designed drivers
  • Heavy-Duty Recessed 16 gauge powder-coated grille with acoustic foam behind to prevent water ingression
  • Point source - 120-degree x 60-degree Dispersion
  • British Engineering -  British Design - UK Stock - Voiced in England
  • Waterproof Covers Available
  • Wheels on Orion for easy movement
  • Compact design with padded covers available
  • Low distortion, high power woofer
  • Titanium high-frequency compression driver
  • Lightweight, 9kg high strength Polypropylene top cabinet
  • Integral 35mm stand/pole socket
  • Marine Plywood construction
  • Built-in variable low pass filter 40 - 150Hz
  • Master Volume Control
  • British designed Class-D purpose-made built-in power amplifier
  • Powercon mains cable included.
  • 2 x BishopSound British Designed Cast Alloy Drivers
  • 100 Ounce Magnets and 4 inch Voice Coils!
  • 3mm thick powder coated grille
  • Rubber Insulation Feet
  • 20mm Screw-in Inverted telescopic pole mount
  • Countersunk Extra Thick "ding proof" grille to prevent grill damage when on tour
  • Acoustic foam behind the grille to prevent moisture and dust ingression
  • Material = 18mm Birch Plywood painted with 4 coats textured, tough durable acrylic PU polymer paint
  • Chunky tactile steel handles
  • Setting points for latched in stacking

All you need to connect this up is XLR to XLR cables.

9 out of 10 people with good hearing who want full reproduction of sound purchase this package instead of columns of 3" drivers.

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      This Big Gig Rig Contains...

      Delta Dual 12" Active Powered Subwoofer 1000w RMS 18mm Birch Plywood

      Delta Dual 12" Active Powered Subwoofer 1000w RMS 18mm Birch Plywood

      Rated 5.0 out of 5
      Based on 3 reviews
      Heavy Duty Tripod Telescopic 35mm Speaker Stands (PAIR) In Strong Gig Bag

      Heavy Duty Tripod Telescopic 35mm Speaker Stands (PAIR) In Strong Gig Bag

      Rated 4.8 out of 5
      Based on 4 reviews
      Orion 8" Active 300w RMS Full Range Speaker With TWS Stereo Bluetooth Only 9kg

      Orion 8" Active 300w RMS Full Range Speaker With TWS Stereo Bluetooth Only 9kg

      Rated 4.8 out of 5
      Based on 6 reviews

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