Supporting schools and performing art institutes with fully integrated sound systems.

The Education Sector is wide and varied in its sound system needs, dependant on the facility and its offer to students. A performing arts academy would look for a fully integrated sound system for productions whereas a primary school may need something on a smaller scale to help with class assemblies or small performances. A university PA system would differ greatly from the requirements of an SEN school who have more of a focus on sensory learning. A gym may have similar needs to a dance studio but would differ from a concert hall or lecture theatre set up.

BishopSound aims to meet all school sound system needs across any budget, delivering top quality sound every time. We work to ensure students, staff and parents enjoy a full sound experience whether it’s in a school hall, lecture theatre, dance studio, gym, classroom or sensory room; because music matters.

Music and the arts can transform lives and introduce young people to a huge range of opportunities - Nick Gibb, School Standards Minister

Case Study: Giving the pupils of Bourne Primary School a voice to be heard

Bourne Primary School based in London is home to almost 300 pupils. They put on regular performances to parents and loved ones, with pupils putting a huge effort into each show. However, due to a lack of equipment, their performances were often not heard past the front few rows and so a need was established to improve the sound reproduction and show off the pupils hard work.

As with most schools in the current climate, money is very tight and every penny has to count. Expensive initial quotes were presented to Headteacher, Mrs Edwards, who called upon the fundraising committee to try and help raise some money to secure a better sound system for the hard-working pupils. Through a mutual friend, BishopSound got the call and we put our 40+ years of experience to work.

A combination of perfectly placed microphones and Orion 15 speakers proved highly successful, delivering the perfect sound for audiences of up to 300 people. We supplied some specialist equipment from our friends in the industry that we do not manufacture such as state of the art microphones to ensure they got the best sound at the right price. The children's confidence grew as they received an explosive response from the audience, who for the first time could hear every performer and were filled with pride.

BishopSound worked to a budget that saved the school over £2,000 in unnecessary costs, compared to the higher initial quotes imposed by companies (not associated with BishopSound) who take advantage of the fact that few in the school have a detailed knowledge of what was needed. Presented with the brief, “let the children be heard” Andrew Bishop rose to the challenge and appointed some of the nation’s greatest installers who work on improving the sound for famous global artists.

Andrew Bishop said: “My teams love to get back to basics and put something back into our communities for the love of music and to help our nation’s schools.”

It was a great success for all involved. The children improved their performance skills and gained confidence, the families and friends now hear every word of the children’s performance AND the school saved money!

Andrew added “It was a real joy speaking with the deputy head Mrs Silson, who along with the students and parents, was delighted with the end result. It fills me with joy everytime we change hearts and minds with our unique approach to sound issues in schools and religious establishments throughout the United Kingdom. That’s why we are offering schools a free sound audit!”

Are you eligible for a free BishopSound Sound Audit?

Clear, quality sound is vital in the education sector, whether it's for something as complex as a performing arts production or as simple as a class assembly. Students who practice the arts and want to perform must be heard, right to the back of the room, for maximum impact and for their hard work to pay off.

With this in mind, BishopSound is offering educational establishments a Free Sound Audit to ensure that your premises deliver the perfect sound to audiences of all sizes.

  1. Are your students’ parents, guardians or relatives happy with the sound reproduction when your school puts on a show?
  2. Can every performer and performance be heard loud and clear?
  3. Is your portable or fixed sound system under 6 years old?

If the answer is NO to one or more of the above questions, then you may benefit from a visit from one of our audio engineers. We will help you find the best sound system for your school’s needs at the best price. For example, one of our new stand-alone sound PA Systems for up to 400 people starts at £399 including VAT!

Please fill in our form below today for a preliminary discussion to give an indication of what is needed and an estimate and we will call you