What Are Active Speakers?

by Andrew Bishop

Active Speakers are Speakers with an Amplifier built in to them so all you need to do is deliver a signal by a cable or Bluetooth.

Passive Speakers do not have an amplifier built in so you need to purchase an Amplifier to drive a Passive Speaker.

Here are the top five questions we are asked about Active Speakers.

1. Can an Active Speaker power a Passive Speaker?

In most cases the answer is no but some Subwoofers have a left and right output for Passive small satellite speakers.

2. Can I connect an Active Speaker or Subwoofer to an Amplifier?

No, not unless your Amplifier has an XLR or RCA direct signal feed which mirrors the input on the Amplifier, which is very rare for PA Amplifiers.

3. Can I use an Active speaker as a Passive speaker?

Only if you remove the amplifier module on the rear and add a crossover. This needs to be done by a qualified engineer.

4. Do DJ's use Active Speakers or Passive Speakers?

This depends on the venue, audience size and location. For smaller audiences and inside venues, Active Speakers are popular but if the amplifier inside the speaker fails you will lose sound.

5. Can I use Active Speakers outside?

Yes as long as they are protected from damp weather and heavy rain with purpose made waterproof covers that let sound out and prevent overheating.

The decision to purchase Active or Passive Speakers depends on personal choice and type of use.

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