The Best Speakers For Live Streaming

Live Streaming Music - How to get the festival experience in your own home

This is the speaker system you must have when you join a ticketed live music streamed event. Why buy a ticket for a streamed live event if you're going to get a sub standard experience due to not having a decent sound system to listen to it on.

As Covid-19 continues to cause more and more performers to offer a live streaming solution to their events, it's important to make sure you get the best experience possible by ensuring you've got suitable audio equipment to make you feel like you're really there in the arena, festival, or venue.

And this applies to non live streamed music, such as your everyday session of streaming music through the many providers available. To get the most out of high definition audio, it is very important that you reproduce every note from the lower sub <40 Hz up to >20 kHz or you will not get the full experience that live sound engineers deliver at a gig.

Here are our 5 tips and considerations on how to get the livestream playback sound experience at home:

  1. You need to move some air and enhance the acoustics! Do not rely on your computer speakers, TV speakers, soundbar or sonos speakers to put you in the arena. You need to be moved with Professionally Voiced PA.
  2. Most live music performances use 1.75 HF compression drivers for the high frequencies which means you can hear the crash symbols on the drums. The mid-range at a live gig is delivered with line array or point source speakers with an 8” or 12” driver. The 15” and 18” sub drivers thump you in the chest! Stand too close to an 18” sub and you will be winded!
  3. The good news is you can buy compact systems that give you a live sound in your house that you can also use outside. After Covid-19 you can have awesome parties with your investment and not hire in expensive speakers.
  4. It is simple to link your PC or TV to a BishopSound Live Streaming Gig Active PA System. Full guidance is given one to one by Andrew on live chat, over the phone or email. Set up is super simple - it is just a left and right phono lead, 3.5mm mini jack or no cable Bluetooth V5.0 stereo.
  5. Don’t spend less than £500 on a livestream full range speaker system. If the neighbours complain then you are truly experiencing your music live!

Here are three perfect Livestream Playback Packages for you to get the best experience at home.

You only need one subwoofer as bass is not directional so you will not get a stereo effect from sub frequencies. You may not be able to go to Glastonbury Festival bit with BishopSound we bring the festival to life in your living room!

If you are buying tickets for live streamed gigs and are left feeling disappointed with your experience, then get in touch today to discuss how you can bring the experience home.