How To Use Subwoofers Safely

by Andrew Bishop

In a live sound PA system, subwoofers are often used to optimize and increase its performance in the low bass.

BishopSound active and passive subwoofers are designed to reproduce low bass audio signals between 30Hz and 150Hz accurately and at high volume levels. The electronics in an active BishopSound subwoofer prevents any audio signal frequencies above 150Hz from being amplified and from reaching the actual loudspeaker(s).

Bishopsound passive subwoofers have no such built-in electronic protection, and therefore should only be operated in conjunction either with a passive low-pass filter or crossover network or with an active electronic crossover or speaker management system, all of which should be set to restrict the frequency range of the amplified audio signal driving the sub to 150Hz and below.

Driving a passive subwoofer with an amplified audio signal containing frequencies above 150Hz can cause permanent damage to its loudspeaker(s). This type of damage is not covered by the BishopSound warranty.

Remember our passive subwoofers go up to 4000w RMS and we advise tightening the bolts holding the drivers into the baffle board after 10 gigs. Simply remove the grill and apply an extra turn or two. A dab of Loctite helps prevent bolts from working loose. This process takes 10 minutes. Our subs truly Pump Up The Volume!

If you need expert advice on how to set up your PA system please email and we will guide you.