Could Our Triple 12 PA Speaker Be Your 'Secret Weapon'?

by Andrew Bishop

PA Speakers come on many shapes, sizes and formats and one of the most unusual has to be our BishopSound Beta Triple 12, 1,000 Watt rated full-range trapezoidal speaker. Three 12" speakers in one box? Why? What's this all about?

The idea behind this probably unique format came about as long ago as 1980, with the Carlsbro amplification company which I used to own. The speaker was born before I bought Carlsbro and I soon became aware that it was one of the most popular speakers the company made. Later, when I started BishopSound, former Carlsbro users and distributors were quick to ask me to introduce an updated version to my new range - and they were adamant that it was a unique speaker with some very interesting properties!

To cut to the chase, the Beta 312 has three 12" BishopSound drivers sitting one on top of the other, but with the lowest of the three is in its own compartment being fed via a crossover so that it handles bass frequencies, leaving the upper two 12" drivers to handle full range duties. This arrangement means that the 312 has very impressive bass properties in its own right, although if you need ultra bass for big venues you can get a fantastic set-up by pairing a 312 with our 15" or 18" subs. But what is really different about the Beta 312 is what it does to the mid-range and the amazing effect this can have for both bands and DJs. Read on!

A common complaint by bands - particularly singers - is that some modern PA systems, often based around 15" speakers, seem to muddy the all-important vocals. Keyboards too often seem to get lost as they can inhabit the same audio space. Perhaps some designers are so busy making sure there is a huge bass and zingy treble that they overlook the audience's and performer's desire to hear the predominantly mid-range singer or keyboard player? I don't know, but what I do know is that bands rave over the difference in sound they get when they use a Beta 312 in their rig.

And it's not just bands - we have had numerous DJs say the same thing - that the Beta 312 has completely transformed the audience's enjoyment of their set because they could actually hear the music properly! Both bands and DJs using my Beta 312s report audience members coming up to them post-gig complimenting them on the clarity of their performance. So, if you are looking for that sort of clarity and musicality, why not check them out!?

Beta 312s are easy to transport. They are a one-person lift, even though they come in tough, triple painted plywood boxes, and a pair will easily fit in most estate cars, making them great for solo performers and duos as well as DJs.

Genuine 1,000w RMS (2,000w Program Power and 4,000w Peak). Made in 18mm Birch Plywood easy to carry and taking far less space than a double 15” with Speakon in and Speakon out the passive BB312 is the perfect point source companion.

Today, we have added the BD312ADSP to our offering. With all the benefits of the passive Triple 12” but with our purpose-designed and voiced 1,000w RMS Bi-Amped class-d power amplifier. Added features include full digital signal processing which allows you to tune the box for its location and/or remove any low frequencies when you are working with an active sub. We have also added Bluetooth for added convenience.

Could a pair of BishopSound Beta 312s become your secret weapon in making audiences love your sound? Our experience suggests they very well might!