Lavoce Italiana

LAVOCE Italiana, the transducer company with a heritage of over 30 years designing and manufacturing professional loudspeaker transducers, are excited to announce the appointment of BishopSound as their exclusive distributor for the UK market.

Italian Heritage

LAVOCE was founded in Potenza Picena Italy in 2008 yet boasts over 30 years of experience in LF/HF transducer design and production, specialising in drivers for the pro audio market. Speakers are manufactured and rigorously tested using the latest loudspeaker technology in purpose-built, modern state of the art production facilities. Using the finest speaker components and materials, the temperature controlled, fully automated 31,000 sqm speaker assembly plant is ISO 9001 certified demonstrating its core values such as attention to detail.

Types of Speakers

Using purpose designed components and speaker production techniques, LAVOCE manufacture a growing range of excellent PA and Guitar speakers such as Neodymium and Ferrite woofers, Compression Drivers, and soft dome tweeters. All woofer cones are of superior quality with a unique treatment to extend performance and longevity. Years of research have delivered unique adhesives which further improve the speakers output and lifespan. Quality and performance are at the heart of its success in speaker design.

Exclusive Distributors

LAVOCE is gaining market share as more professional PA speaker companies choose LAVOCE Neodymium and Ferrite speakers due to the performance and value for money. LAVOCE is now considered amongst the top 5 loudspeaker producers and has proven its meteoritic rise by working in harmony with the world’s leading finished PA speaker cabinet manufacturers. An increasing number of speaker designers are specifying LAVAOCE drivers. BishopSound are proud to represent and focus on LAVOCE exclusively in Great Britain continuing to drive growth in the PA speaker industry.