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2x Beta 18" Active Powered Subwoofer 1000W RMS

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Mark II version is made of 18mm Birch Plywood, seasoned and sealed with a new improved power module to tighten up the bass.

Following the huge success of the BDP18 Cast Alloy 1000w woofer that is loaded into the Bishopsound BB118S Single 18" passive subwoofer and the BB218S we have now taken the next step and made both active by adding our new subwoofer power module.

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Mark Perkins has left their 5-star review of BishopSound Ltd on 30th December 2019

2x Beta 18" BB118AS Active Powered Subwoofer 1000W RMS (Mark II version) These subs are mid-priced, not as expensive as some other more established named brands but more expensive than entry-level subs with so-called equivalent rated drivers/amplifiers. One thing you notice immediately is the weight, the cabinets are made from Birch Plywood rather than thin chipboard which in my view makes them sound far superior. In a side by side test against entry-level active 18" subs, the increased volume was evident without clipping. Against subs costing nearly twice as much they outperformed both on volume and quality of sound so much so we are now in the enviable position of having excess bass, even at low volume (Never thought we'd ever say that!) and our clientele noticed the difference immediately! So, if like us you're undecided about this relativity unknown brand then don't be, these easily outperform more expensive equivalent subs but for less money. Sure you can buy entry-level 18" active subs for £120 with 350w amps with so-called 1000w output but you will soon be replacing them with professional BishopSound subs that actually sound and perform. You won't be disappointed, neither will be your patrons.

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This bundle contains:

£999.00 incVAT

The single 18" powered subwoofer incorporates the hugely sought after BDP18 1000w RMS cast alloy driver designed and engineered in the UK. The BDP18 has sales of over 1000 units and no re-cone kits have been needed (even though we carry them in stock).

Each of the BB118AS delivers a minimum of 135dB SPL @1w/1m and has a frequency range of between 30Hz and 300Hz.

Two simple, uncomplicated potentiometers on the rear panel control the volume and low pass filter.

Channel A and Channel B can be fed by XLR or 1/4" jack and a link out allows you to feed the original signal to multiple active subwoofers or mid/top range active cabinets.

A major benefit of Bishopsound Active Subwoofer Range is the Genuine Neutrik PowerCON IN/OUT through connector. All too often mains IEC power leads are kicked out or fall out in the middle of a gig. Locking mains cables for ground-level Bishopsound active subwoofers are essential.

The 20a rating of the powercon exceeds the current needed thereby delivering greater safety and reliability.

The powerCON is a locking 3 conductor equipment AC connector with contacts for line, neutral and pre-mating ground contact. It replaces appliance couplers (often referred to as kettle leads) wherever a very rugged solution in combination with a locking device is needed in order to guarantee a safe power connection. The powerCON is a connector without breaking capacity, i.e. the powerCON should not be connected or disconnected under load or live!

Here are some more details. Please refer to the technical specifications for more detail or call Andrew on 07973223949.

BB118AS Specifications

Low Frequency Driver: 18''
Amplifier Type: Class-D
Power Output: RMS1000W
Frequency Range: 30Hz - 300Hz, -10dB
Frequency Response: 35Hz - 250Hz, ±3dB
Sound Pressure Level: 128dB @ 1m Max SPL
Audio Inputs: XLR/JACK 1/4"
Input Sensitivity: +4dBu @ 0dB
Input Impedance: 12 kOhms Unbalanced / 24 kOhms Balanced
Thru Connectors: XLR
Output Impedance: 300 Ohms Unbalanced / 600 Ohms Balanced
High-Pass Filter: 100Hz, Butterworth, 18dB Slope
Level Control: -∞ to +6dB
High Cut Control: 70Hz - 150Hz, Butterworth, 24dB Slope
Limiter: Optical
Power Supply: 220V - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Mains Connection: PowerCON IN/OUT
Dimensions: 72.5X61.5X77Cm
Weight: 39Kg

Power cables must be purchased seperately.

tech spec output from "technical" matrix field - pulls glossary titles and description for tooltip from related channel entries field
Rated Power
1000w RMS
Connectors: Inputs
XLR or 1/4" Jack
Rear Controls
Volume and Low Pass Pots
Amplifier Protection
Indicators: Signal
Indicators: Power
Mains Connector
PowerCON In/Out
Input Sensitivity
+4dBu @ 0dB
Minimum Impedance
12 kOhms Unbalanced / 24 kOhms Balanced
Power Supply
220V - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Frequency Response
30Hz - 300Hz, -10dB
18mm Birch Plywood Seasoned and Sealed
Pole Diameter
M20 Threaded inverted Top Hat Fitted on the top
Max SPL (dB)
135 dB 1w/1m
72cm x 61cm x 77cm

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