Why Hire PA Speakers - when you can buy instead?

There are plenty of arguments for hiring in PA speakers and equipment, probably the best being that you can hire different sized systems to suit the venues you are playing - a few hundred in a pub one night, 150,000 at a... well, we can all dream can't we?

Or perhaps you're looking to get married, and are not sure whether you should hire some speakers for your big day or just buy your own to keep for after? Well, more often than not, particularly at BishopSound, purchasing your speakers could be a significantly more affordable option. 

Venues and event companies rarely stop to add up the rental fees in a year, many state convenience, storage, technical skills and habit as the reasons for not buying but change is upon us and savings and health and safety have to be considered.

But for most bands and entertainers, the sizes of venues you are playing are consistent and can be catered for with a system that can grow with you as your fame spreads and your audiences increase. You can read more about growing your system this way in our How-To Guides, which you can find here https://bishopsound.com/blogs/how-to-guides

Buying your own PA system is one sure-fire way that bands can save some serious money. Hire prices vary widely in the UK but a couple of 500-600 Watt active speakers on stands, often accompanied with a pair of mics and maybe a very small mixer, could cost £100 a day, which is a fair slice of your income given the pressure on band fees.

The BishopSound alternative is more attractive, we think. For example, a pair of our Orion 15" active enclosures will deliver a punchy 130dB which means they will handle an audience of around 250 people, for just £199 each! As they say - you do the maths!

If you are after something more powerful, our renowned and unique triple 12" active Delta delivers 1000 Watts (132dB) across a full range and is one of the best sounding PA speakers on the market, especially for bands featuring vocal performances. They sell for just £499 each and will last for years thanks to their superb plywood construction and sturdy British designed speakers. Hiring a system like that (if you can find one!) could cost you £150 per day, so it is not hard to see why buying could make more sense. And don't forget, we offer attractive finance packages which mean you could have earned out the cost of your new BishopSound system before you had even finished paying for it!

But it's not just cost that makes buying so attractive. You also get the advantage of going out on a gig knowing exactly what you will sound like, being able to quickly set up the gear you are familiar with and knowing it will be reliable and consistent. That alone will bring confidence and improve your performance!

It's sometimes said that buying your own PA system will pay for itself after 10 or maybe 12 gigs. But because when you buy from us at BishopSound you are buying directly from the manufacturer which means you can quite possibly pay for it after as few as 8 gigs! Then, as your reputation grows, add subwoofers as you need them, more cabs, better monitors and so on, all at your own pace and with the security of knowing you will always be getting a better sound because you are buying the best!