What Are The Best Amplifiers For Subwoofers?

by Andrew Bishop

Many calls come in to BishopSound HQ every day to ask which is the best amplifier for subwoofers. Some ask which is the best amplifier for mid range speakers or does an active speaker sound better than a passive speaker?

Let me help tell you what amplifiers are needed for speakers.

Amplifiers for Passive Subwoofers:

  • The very best amplifier for a subwoofer is a class AB or Class H amplifier.
  • Class D amplifiers are too slow and cannot keep up with repetitive bass.
  • A class AB has a toroidal transformer and coke can capacitors so when the kick drum kicks the woofer responds instantly.
  • Buy the power amp that matches the subwoofer. Call Andrew on 01765 698233 for specific advice.
  • Passive subs always sound better than active subs and are far more reliable. Read below.

Amplifiers for Passive Mid Range and High Frequencies:

  • Class D are fine for mids and tops as the drivers take less power to function correctly.
  • Class H work equally well but can be more expensive.
  • Some companies do not quote genuine RMS ratings (you have to dig for them) so always call Andrew at BishopSound to get the facts here is an example:

The Behringer EP4000 is not a 4000w RMS amplifier, it delivers 4000w Peak.

Specifications: • Output power (20 Hz-20 kHz @ 0.1% THD, both channels driven) per channel stereo mode: 550 watts RMS @ 8Ω, 950 watts RMS @ 4Ω, 1,250 watts @ 2Ω

Output power (1% THD, sine wave) bridged mono mode: 1,750 watts RMS @ 8Ω, 2,400 watts RMS @ 4Ω

Output power (peak power) bridged mode: 2,800 watts @ 8Ω, 4,000 watts @ 4Ω

  • Class D amps are comfortable at max settings and don't get hot.
  • Make certain the power supply in the venue is stable and test with a Martindale tester to be certain you have an earth.

Every application is different and free impartial advice is a phone call away. Money is hard-earned and must be spent wisely to avoid any failures during a gig or important event. Call 01765 698233 today and make the right choice.