Top 5 Reasons Why People Buy BishopSound

by Andrew Bishop

1. Outstanding Value for Money

After owning Carlsbro I wanted to create a business that allowed me to talk to all my customers and keep overheads to the absolute minimum. All the investment goes into developing the very best sound at the lowest possible price. The feedback has been 100% positive and customers continue to come up with new products and help and advice on what products they need. Money is hard to make in our industry so every penny goes into the product and not in unnecessary overheads. I pass on all my savings to my customers.

2. Stunning British Sound

How do I define British Sound? I want to hear every note and not look at a stage and only hear some of the instruments playing. I was brought up in the 70's, 80's and 90's on vinyl records, EPOS ES14 Speakers, ARCAM separates. There is no reason why music should sound bad. Most of the speakers used in the UK are tested by machines or ears that are tuned to Beijing Opera. In short, if I am listening to Kate Bush I want to hear every intake of breath and if its Steely Dan - Jack of Speed through Bishopsound will sound awesome.

3. Always able to talk to Andrew

I want to be able to talk with all my customers and understand what they are truly after. Sound reproduction is critical to me and as my name is on the front of the box it is even more important. Its personal, I know how hard it is for performers to earn money and every penny has to be spent carefully and correctly. Over the years so many people have been "ripped off" by companies who don't care and do not understand the true meaning of customer service. See what my customers think here.

4. Stock of spares and a full repair service

Every day people ask me if my speakers will fit into a Mackie, EV, JBL, Peavey or Alto cabinet because they cannot find anyone carrying the correct replacement drivers. Also if they do find the correct driver it is often more expensive than the price paid originally. The reason for this is that the major companies are only interested in selling customers new speakers, they make no money out of spares and product specification change so much. Every day the majors tell their buyers to engineer more cost out of a product to get more sales. Sales Directors have to impress the board and the shareholders or may be forced out. I doubt they care much about the sound or the future.

5. BishopSound is Trustworthy

Bishopsound may be a new name to you but I have been making speakers since I was 12 and I am 57 next week! I don't talk in Peak Power, PMP or Program Power only RMS because that may be the lowest figure but its the most accurate. The only reason people talk in Peak Power is the mislead the buyer and get them to pay more. I guess that is why people say Bishopsound speakers are loud! Read more about truthful sound declarations here.

Built with passion, the Bishopsound brand aims to offer consumers, bands, churches, DJs, schools, venues, musicians and other like-minded customers products that harness the best of British sound reproduction for use all over the world. Yorkshire has a huge heritage in leading loudspeaker design and build.

Sound reproduction equipment has its roots in Yorkshire with names like Wharfedale, Fane, Castle, Dalesford, Precision Devices, Neat, Ingham, McKenzie and Yorkshire HiFi who manufactured in the Old Chapel on Coltsgate Hill in Ripon.