The New Birch Ply Twin 15" is Blowing People Away!

by Andrew Bishop

We're really excited to announce the addition of the 13-ply Birch Marine Plywood Delta Dual 15" to our range - the first of a new generation of BishopSound speakers!

Available as:

BD215 - 1200w RMS Passive

BD215ADSP - 1000w RMS Active with DSP

The BD215ADSP has a hugely powerful 1,000 Watt amp onboard but it is one of the first to be housed in a new, extra sturdy, all-plywood enclosure. Plywood is the perfect material to guarantee a combination of high sound quality plus a long life on the road but only the best is good enough for BishopSound customers, so we're building them out of 18mm (13 ply) birch marine plywood painted with four coats of textured jet black PU paint. Reinforcing the new enclosure's strength, the grille has been doubled in thickness compared with previous models and is recessed to protect it from knocks and bumps on tour.

Inside, the Delta Dual active 15 is just as rugged. It's aimed primarily at DJ users looking for an easy to use, quick to set-up system delivering huge power and 'thump' and comes with an easy to use 'single knob' digital signal processor and a Class D power amp which delivers 1000 Watts into a BishopSound BRC175 100w RMS Compression Driver and a pair of our superb cast aluminum BDP15 speakers (rated at 600w RMS each). This means the user gets 1300 Watts capacity allowing for plenty of headroom!

Reinforcing the Delta Dual 15's easy to use credentials, the speaker comes with Bluetooth which means one V5.0 Bluetooth device will drive two of these speakers in stereo. Alternatively, of course, you can simply connect their music source with an XLR cable or 1/4" jack, plug into the mains and be ready to start performing.

Sit one or more on top of my 18" plywood passive or active 1kw RMS subwoofers and smile from ear to ear. You will certainly need to "Tie Your Mother Down"!

BishopSound's Delta Dual 15" speaker series starts at a launch price of £799 a PAIR including VAT - Delivered FREE - check them out!