Spread the Christmas carols joy with BishopSound

Are you planning on spreading the Christmas joy through carol singing this year? While we may not be able to do it in the traditional manner, there's no reason you shouldn't be heard. 

We have a range of plug and play speakers available. Simply plug in a microphone and sing. All the speakers on this link are 'plug and play' compatible - no need for excessive set ups or expensive equipment. 

Can I play the radio through my speaker?

The Orion 12” and 15” has a radio FM receiver built in, or you can link your phone on the Bluetooth function to get DAB radio. You can also plug in a radio using headphone to the line in on the Orion 8” 12” and 15” speakers with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack to jack cable.

Will I hear the radio and my voice at the same time?

Yes, but be careful not to put the microphone too close to the front of the speaker or it will feedback (whistle) at you.

Can I plug more than one microphone in?

Yes, a little mixer is all you need, and full support and help is available directly from BishopSound so that you have nothing to worry about. We'll happily provide you with some simple and easy instructions on a one-to-one phone call to talk you through the process.


So help us to spread some joy this Christmas - we all need a little bit this year! We're here to help you get set up and advise you on the right products. 

Merry Christmas, 

Andrew & Victoria