Replacing Speakers - When Less Means More

by Andrew Bishop

There are several reasons why you might decide to replace a loudspeaker. Sometimes a driver burns out, perhaps due to amplifier failure or though over-enthusiastic use. Sometimes a speaker's performance deteriorates with age, in which case replacing it can be a cost-effective fix. Equally, and especially when times are hard, you might want to extend the life of an enclosure you already own by replacing the speaker it came with for a higher quality one. If you choose wisely, you can get a more efficient speaker delivering a louder, better quality sound - but which speaker should you choose?

Unfortunately, buying replacement speakers isn't simply a matter of replacing one 100 Watt rated unit with another of the same size. Don't, for example,  assume that any 10" 100 Watt rated speaker will do as a replacement for one of the same basic specifications. Speakers need to be carefully matched to the enclosures they're fitted in.

You can go back to the original manufacturer and buy an identical replacement for your old one, but that won't improve the sound you've been getting and it can sometimes cost you a lot of money, especially from some of the 'big brands'.  The alternative is to buy a speaker from a third party - but how do you know if it will match the enclosure you want to put it in?

At BishopSound we have years of experience not just in designing our own enclosures and carefully specifying the speakers we fit in them but also in helping customers find the right speaker from our range that they can fit in other manufacturers' enclosures. Almost always we can come up with a louder, better sounding speaker for less money - often a lot less money!

We make our own drivers because we could not guarantee the consistency of other makers drivers. From time to time paper cones or spiders were changed without us being told. The tone changed and we did not like that. Hence the reason for hand-making our own drivers in small batches of 50 with our own components and our unique glue! Less means more!

We have sold over 10,000 drivers to date and only 12 have come back with genuine production errors! "Not bad" says Mr Bishop.

Why not give us a try? Email today at or message us using our Live Chat and tell me which enclosure you want to re-speaker. You might be very pleasantly surprised when you find out how much more we can offer!