Introducing 'Build Your Own' Bundles

Fed up being told what you need in a PA System and buying bits here and there?

You can stop all this hassle by using the 'BishopSound Bundle Builder'. BishopSound are specialists in PA Systems, so we know what goes together and how a great PA Speaker System should function.

Offering exceptional value for money was one of my key objectives when I started BishopSound and we're always looking for new ways to give our customers even bigger bargains. Which is why we're now offering bundle prices. You get to choose exactly the system you need and the more you buy, the more money you'll save!

Here's how it works...

You can choose between an active powered system (that's one where the amplifiers are built into the speakers, offering tremendous ease of use), or you can take the audio purist's route with a passive system, where you use separate amplifiers and speakers. What if you want a bit of both? Not a problem - just choose a hybrid system!

Our software takes you through the selection process and automatically calculates extra discounts as you go! Select just two products and we'll give you a 10% discount, pick three and we'll lop 12% off the price and if you choose four or more you'll get a hefty 15% discount! This offer covers all you could possibly need to build a rig, including not just our speakers and amplifiers but speaker management systems, leads - everything!

There are a lot of advantages in buying your entire system from BishopSound. You can be sure that everything works with everything else (because it has been designed that way!) it comes complete with our unique personalised product advice and service, it offers the superb sound quality we're famous for and not only are we offering you up to 15% off but you also get access to some of the best financing deals around as well!

Top Five Things to Consider when Building a Bundle:

  1. Check the weights and the size of your transport if you are on your own a single 18" active or passive subwoofer is easier to move than a twin and prices are comparable. It's also more flexible take one for a small gig and more only when needed.

  2. Active or powered speakers need our waterproof covers if you are planning to play outside. The British weather is unpredictable.

  3. If you need longer cable runs on your passive system we sell Heavy Duty Speakon to Speakon couplers to join multiple 10m cables together.

  4. Passive Subwoofers do not have crossovers in them so a speaker management system will tighten performance and improve the sound.

  5. Active systems run with Powercon cables and XLR cables. The XLR cables we make are high quality thick and screened and capable of being joined together for longer runs with no loss in signal and with no need for extra adaptors.

You can find our Bundle deals here.