Emerging from the pandemic - a 'thank you' to our local support system

by Victoria Bishop

During the 18-month lockdown there were times that we wondered if people would ever be allowed to sing, dance or play a musical instrument in public again.

Week by week during lockdown the facts were presented daily. This included changes such as schools being shut indefinitely, £10,000 fines for staging a music event such as a party and eventually, eleven further variant strains of C-19 being identified. It was an uneasy time for many losing access to our primary audience was a big blow.

Unlike many other manufacturers within our arena, BishopSound are very specialised and focus purely on the design and manufacture of PA speakers for live or recorded sound. Similar to many other business however, with limited income, we searched for support from our local, regional, and national government and trade associations.

Four organisations went beyond the call of duty to support our small growing business.

  • PLASA (Professional Light And Sound Association) Formed #WeMakeEvents and the support given was nothing short of brilliant.
  • Julian Smith MP – stood with us, wrote letters, lobbied his conservative colleagues and guided us through the maze of support available.
  • Alistair Forbes and Harrogate Borough Council who recognised the needs of local manufacturing in Ripon, our plight and gave help support and some grant where applicable to carry us through.
  • InnovateUK- with an army of highly specialised professionals shone a torch of hope in the darkness and helped us focus.

On 24th September we invited those that had stood with us during the pandemic for a brief “get together” at our Ripon headquarters to show our plans for 2021 and beyond and say a big “Thank you for being an important part of the BishopSound story”. 

The support provided by these organisations have been truly remarkable and as we begin to regain a sense of normality within the industry, we at BishopSound are excited to begin the next chapter of our story - bringing manufacturing closer to home, introducing new products and continuing to offer a personal service to our loyal customers.