"Boom" - The NEW Delta Dual 12" Active 1000w RMS Subwoofer

by Andrew Bishop

Introducing my Tub-Thumping Delta Dual twin 12" active 1000w RMS subwoofer

Measuring 58cm x 46cm x 82cm my compact punchy powered subwoofer is in high demand for mobile and installation applications. Even home cinema fans are demanding deeper and more powerful subwoofers that accurately reproduce the pounding low frequencies that Dolby Atmos motion picture soundtracks deliver.

My BishopSound brand new compact 18mm Birch Plywood 1000 Watt RMS (4000w Peak) active Delta Dual BD212AS twin 12" subwoofer meets all these audio needs and more. Professional, tough, roadie proof, and very well made, the Delta dual twin 12" is a great sounding subwoofer offering previously unobtainable sound quality from such a compact format.

With active onboard digital amplification delivering 1000w RMS all adjustable and down to 30Hz! With a maximum SPL of 131 dB this durable 18mm birch plywood clad subwoofer offers more than enough sound for live gigs, pubs and clubs or a large home cinema and at a very affordable price.

In common with all my other BishopSound active subwoofers, the Delta Dual twin 12" features a host of professional features including a genuine Neutrik Powercon IN/OUT power feed. All too often mains IEC power leads are kicked out or fall out in the middle of a gig. Locking mains cables for ground-level BishopSound active professional subwoofers are essential.

The move to active subwoofers has come from the need for a fast fix in places where tiny install speakers have been fitted for aesthetics and customers and owners have asked for a deeper richer tone. For touring a big bass sound needs to come from the most compact durable box. Either way, the joy of “plug and play” with no additional processing equipment makes life easy.

Two simple, uncomplicated potentiometers on the rear panel control the volume and low pass filter while Channel A and Channel B can be fed by XLR or 1/4" jack combi socket and a link out allows users to feed the original signal to multiple active subwoofers or mid/top range active cabinets.

Other features include a 1.2mm thick powder coated grille, rubber insulation feet, a 20mm screw-in inverted telescopic pole mount, a countersunk extra thick "ding proof" grille to prevent grille damage when on tour and the use of acoustic foam behind the grille to prevent moisture and dust ingression.

Completing the Delta dual 12's professional specifications, the 18mm birch ply housing is treated to four coats of textured, tough acrylic PU polymer paint and comes with chunky, tactile steel handles.

My BishopSound Delta Dual 12" BD212AS active subwoofer is available now at a special introductory price of just £599 Each including VAT and Free UK Mainland Delivery!

Now is the time to pound the airways with great sound in your home or garden (if you have one) and let the nation know you “In the House” and Tub Thumping!

Email today at andrew@bishopsound.com or message us using our Live Chat for more info.