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Problems with your sound? Trying to find an answer to your sound problem?

We offer free sound audits for every venue inside or outside where the public will gather (post COVID-19) to hear music. If you want to ensure you have everything correct and are complying with health and safety guidelines just give us a call.

We will give you the benefit of over 40 years’ experience in sound and it is completely free. BishopSound are based in Ripon, North Yorkshire but have technicians all over the UK ready to help you solve your audio problems and get the absolute best sound.

We have a network of over 50 highly qualified sound technicians on standby ready to answer any questions you might have on how to get the best sound and its totally FREE.

It does not matter how small or big your problem with sound we will have a solution.

Frequently asked questions include:

  • What is the difference between an active and passive speaker?
  • How can I stop my speaker buzzing or humming?
  • How can do I link my speaker to my amplifier safely?
  • When I am buying a new speaker what should I consider?
  • What is the difference between RMS, Program Power and Peak Power?
  • How do I get more bass from my sound system?
  • What levels of volume are safe for my staff and customers?

Some need a better sound for dance and help linking remote devices to sound systems at home, others need to ensure every seat in a house of worship or small theatre get a good sound.

Correct sound levels and the quality of sound it vitally important. Often people increase the volume to try and improve sound quality which could damage hearing. Sound does not need to be loud it needs to be balanced and clear.

How loud is loud?

How loud is loud?

Protecting hearing is critical especially for the incredibly young.

It truly does not matter how daft you think your question is, we will never bombard you with too much technical information we will simply help you solve your sound problems.

To book your free sound audit, or to get help with any other issues, call 07973223949 or 01765 698233 (during office hours).