BishopSound Speaker Listening Tests

Where can I hear BishopSound speakers?

There are 3 opportunities to listen to BishopSound speakers such as:

Option 1 - The BPM Show in Birmingham England during October

Option 2 - Your local distributor who will set up an appointment with you on request.

Option 3 - Talk to a current local user who may offer to invite you to an event or demonstration. Networking in the Bishopsound user group is buoyant, positive and friendly. Sign up to our newsletter to join.

We have no public listening facilities at our factory or warehouses in North Yorkshire. This is often a shock to new customers who have never heard our sound so I have put together some reasoning to help explain why.

To keep our costs to the absolute minimum at this time, we have no demonstration facilities. We have a huge following that relies on our competitive pricing so that they continue to be able to make a living. I must not add to our costs, it would not be fair.
The reasoning behind our no showroom strategy are: 

  1. As manufacturers, our business model is unique in our industry. We supply the highest quality British Sound at the lowest possible price. This means tight and low overheads.
  2. Most of our business is from existing users and their friends who hear BishopSound speakers performing and want the same British tone without the added costs of services that regular customers do not need.
  3. The tone is reminiscent of the Carlsbro sound from 1958 until 2009 when Carlsbro stopped making PA. British sound is very different and has a rich, clear and warm tone.
  4. We would have to charge 30% more for everything to fund a showroom and find someone to manage it.
  5. A showroom sound would be completely different to the sound you will hear when you play our speakers in your surroundings with your music. We do not want anyone to be misled.
  6. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee (but nobody has sent anything back yet) unless courier damage occurred.
  7. Many customers are very secretive about what they are using to maintain the commercial advantage and only tell their best friends.
  8. We do not publish our customers or share them due to confidentiality but this is worth looking at -
  9. I appreciate buying from us is a leap of faith but we have never let anyone down yet and our 9.9 Trustpilot score truly matters. I want to serve my customer personally and at this time I am busy every day on phone, live chat and various social mediums.
  10. We are building a network of retailers who have superb skills and excellent listening facilities and are local to you. Some of our distributors may come to you on request. Here is a link.

If you put a request on Social Networks our users may tell you where and when they are playing.

I accept that many would like to discuss needs directly with me and it is always a joy to help. Please call 01765 698233 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and I will help as much as I can.