Best Active PA Speakers

by Andrew Bishop

Starting out with a perfect all-rounder 12" or 15"?

Sometimes just enough is just what you need. For DJ’s all too often the client booking may be small and will not warrant a big, powerful rig or going to all the trouble of taking the main rig with them for a small, private function like a house party or a barbecue. In both these cases (not to mention a few others) our Orion 12" and 15" speakers are just what you need.

The Orion 12” is good for up 200 people and the Orion 15” will cover over 400 people with ease.

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Housed in molded polypropylene cabinets, they're light and easy to carry, yet sturdy too. The Orion 12 is the more compact of the two and lighter but still delivers our trademark British sound as it shares the specially designed BishopSound power unit and EQ. But what really sets it apart is that we use a British made paper cone for the speaker and you can hear the difference!

Delivering 129dB from its onboard amplifier, the Orion 12 offers 5 band EQ and using the remote you can control it from anywhere in the room, getting the sound just right from the audience's standpoint.

It's pretty much a turnkey system in its own right, too. The new Bluetooth feature allows you to connect a mobile phone, tablet or laptop to the speaker with no cables and it even features a built-in MP3 player driven by a USB memory stick or card. A pair of Orion 12” used for speech will be loud enough for up to 1000 people indoors and 500 people outdoors.

Every Orion comes with a fully functional handheld Remote Control.

For more oomph! you might want to check out the Orion 15s, which offer all the ease of use and connectivity advantages of the 12s but deliver a meatier sound from a package that is still surprisingly light and easy to carry.

Finally, we go one step further for the bass, mid and treble controls. This means you can match the sound to the room very fast unlike other dials and digital displays that are clumsy to use. We use a 5-band graphic EQ which gives frequency control between the following bands with a slider:

0 – 100Hz
330Hz – 1kHz
1kHz – 3.3hHz
3.3kHz – 10kHz

So, you don't have to have a giant rig to handle gigs (though it often helps!) - certainly not when you have complete all in one systems like our Orion 12s and 15s!