2021 – A Crazy "Roller Coaster" Year for Our Events Industry

by Andrew Bishop

All our friends have been struggling in 2021, the toughest year in my lifetime. Whilst many businesses made a lot of money the touring events industry has been hammered.

Professional DJ’s, Live Bands and the performing arts are fighting for survival, some received grant support buy many were excluded or ignored. A chosen few received a lot of money.

We are Premier Partners to https://www.curtaincallonline.com/ supporting work in the touring events sector.

BishopSound have been hugely active in the We Make Events organisation battling for fairness for the less fortunate. Huge performers have very deep pockets and will survive. It’s the freelancers and smaller performers that we worry about as all have had a very tough year.

But we are fighters! We always approach the downs knowing that soon there will be ups. Mental health is the next pandemic so it is our job to stay positive and bring hope and opportunity to as many people as we can.

We are looking forward to 2022 and beyond. We have rebooted our hard drive and these are some of the steps we have taken. A fresh approach to all of our futures.

Happy New Year – stick with us – we are in this together as, in this industry, we all know that “When The Going Gets, Tough We Get Going”!