Like most mechanical items with moving parts, spending some time breaking in speakers will improve the sound and increase the longevity and reliability of your new Bishopsound speakers.

Breaking in speakers is a lot like running in a new car or pair of leather shoes. Most new cars state that they are already run in but most drivers proceed with caution for the first 1000 miles. Everything will soon be bedded down and working comfortably with a perfect fit and a much warmer and clearer tone will emerge.

If you have time Bishopsound speakers benefit from a 100-hour running in period to allow the individual components in our speakers to bed in.

We must bed in:

  1. The Cone of the speaker has a coil that drives it to produce the vibrations of air to your ears.
  2. The Spider is the fabric disk attached to the ‘voice-coil’ and base of the cone and provides a spring for the cone to return to its original position after the voice coil has moved it from responding to the input signal.

When running in your speakers you are stretching out the spider fabric from the constant back and forth movements allowing it to be more flexible and free. This flexibility will allow the speaker to create a smoother and more pleasant sound with the correct amount of bass.

The volume need not be high, a tad above normal listening level is fine as we do not want to upset any miserable neighbours. You can reverse the polarity and face the drivers together if you wish as this will remove the bass. Another way is to throw the duvet over them to numb the sound.

Many ask me what to play whilst breaking in speakers. The answer is nothing too heavy most leave the speakers in the workshop and let Radio 2 work its magic! A general mix is fine.

In short, running-in will transform your new speakers from a pair of musical boxes into something really special that you and all your customers will want to spend all your time listening to. What we all want is customers coming up to us and saying “Wow your speakers sound sweet, where did you get them from and can I book you for next week”?

If you have any questions give Andrew a call on +44 (0) 7973 223949 for more information.

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