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Big Gig Rig 29 - 6000w RMS PA System

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More "point Source" punch than a heavyweight boxer this system delivers a Huge 6000w RMS (24,000w Peak) thunderous full British Sound.

'This truly flexible system comprises 2 x BB215s and 4 x BB118s delivering 6000W RMS and 24,000W peak.  For smaller gigs it will provide plenty of power with just 2 x BB215s and 2 BB118s - just add the extra two subs for bigger venues.

Used either outdoors or indoors for bands and DJs who need real power, active systems rarely satisfy. This rig on the other hand will deliver serious SPLs (Sound Pressure Levels) and is best used with a two channel power amp delivering 1000 Watts a side to the tops and with another power amp delivering the same power to the subs. We offer a great selection of amps to choose from and if you need any help selecting the right combination, please call or email us.

This bundle contains:

£1,695.00 incVAT

Deliver more than enough sound for 2700 people outside or 4000 people inside. Point source on a stage truly delivers and is easier to set up than a line array.

When space is tight and you need a compact PA system the Big Gig Rig 27 is perfect. This highly efficient system is highly sought after by bands and DJ's that want the very best sound. Please read this independent review on Trustpilot

Outside PA systems or indoor band or DJ systems need plenty of power to move the audience, active speakers do not touch the sound quality of this system.

The perfect sound system for festivals the combined sound from the 18″ subwoofer with the dual 15″ stacks is truly stunning.

The stacks look amazing! Both need strapping down with lorry straps.

The combination of the 15″ and the 18″ is perfect and often used in cinema applications where the sound really matters.

The tried and tested dual 15″ full range speakers easily handle the mid and top range and can be driven at 1000w RMS each with ease.

This sounds superior to an active system because the amplifiers are not next to the speakers. Read more about this here

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