Bishopsound – Why has Britain never sounded so good?


Bishopsound Ltd is a loudspeaker manufacturing company built on heritage, experience, and culture. To this day, its unique sound and reliability are what distinguishes it from the many other competitors in the PA/Sound System industry.

Led by Andrew Bishop, the products produced are of the highest quality and the business has the customer testimonials to support this, without having the price tag of other mass-produced providers.

Built with passion, the Bishopsound brand aims to offer consumers, bands, churches, DJs, schools, venues, musicians and other like-minded customers products that harness the best of British sound reproduction for use all over the world.

Yorkshire has a huge heritage in leading loudspeaker design and build. Sound reproduction equipment has its roots in Yorkshire with names like Wharfedale, Fane, Castle, Dalesford, Precision Devices, Neat, Ingham, McKenzie and Yorkshire HiFi who manufactured in the Old Chapel on Coltsgate Hill in Ripon.


The Spirit of 1959 – “Sowing seeds for the future, driven by passion”

In 1959 a music revolution swept across the United Kingdom and Stuart Mercer founded Carlsbro Sound. Bands like The Rolling Stones, Herman’s Hermits, and The Beatles made history by using a ”British Tone” created by Stuart and the Carlsbro Sound team. Sadly we lost Stuart in 1996 but his dream lives on. Britain leads the world in music and sound and Bishop Sound now brings back that tone. You will see on the site a superb range of PA for all budgets and applications.

After a lifetime in music, Andrew Bishop (who made his first speaker cabinet in 1972) rescued Carlsbro on 1st January 2001. Andrew was supported by the existing Carlsbro team including John Roberts (Export Sales).

During the global financial crisis in 2008/2009, the iconic British Music brand Carlsbro was taken over by the Chinese and the British engineers together with the British tone, services, and British values were no longer required.

Over 50 years later the “Spirit of 1959″ and delivery of “British Tone” lives and thrives at Bishop Sound.

Over time a handful of British engineers and supporters were gathered together with one purpose, to bring back “The Spirit of 1959″ and deliver “British Tone” in a product that carries British values and a “Spirit of honesty and fairness”. There was a great deal of research to do. Made in England matters and plans to manufacture in Yorkshire took shape. Call Andrew for an update.

Reluctant to use his name Andrew was encouraged by his customers to use his the name so www.bishopsound.com went live and Bishopsound Ltd was formed in May 2016!

Customers all over the world started to study the new products that have been created with care by the British engineers.

One customer commented, “this is a fantastic range at prices that enable us to make money it looks like we may have a brand new ship with a time served captain at the helm”.

We are proud to serve all our friends at home and all around the world and promise a perfect service and a working relationship that demonstrates that truly care…

We are proud to design and make products here in Yorkshire and at our small production unit in China and ship them all around the world.

Recently ProMobile Magazine interviewed me. You can read the article here. I hope you find it interesting.

Pro Mobile Issue 81 – Andrew Bishop Interview

We have produced some video to help users such as this one entitled setting up your PA:















We sell Bishopsound in 23 countries and the list grows daily as our customers put their faith is our reliable products.

Brand building in the UK is our focus

Emails always answered (in 24 hours (if not they have dropped into spam so call us) and happy to update you on all developments.

Bishop Sound suppliers of PA solutions


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