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The Man Behind BishopSound

Andrew is an established leader in the Music Equipment business and has developed strong relationships with all the leading global buyers, sellers and users of loudspeakers.

Following his corporate career with Barclays Bank and Norsk Hydro, Andrew purchased Carlsbro Electronics Ltd - one of the country's leading PA and music amplification companies - in 2001.

Carlsbro turnover grew from £900k to £4.6m in eight years, delivering healthy profits. Following the 2008 Financial Crisis, Andrew sold Carlsbro in 2009 and it was acquired by the Soundking Group, Ningbo, China. Andrew advised Soundking for a further two years on a consultancy basis and managed the integration of Carlsbro into the Soundking Group. In 2012 Andrew was asked to provide his skills for the IAG Group in China.

IAG Group own many Yorkshire brands such as Wharfedale and Castle (Skipton) They also own Mission, Quad, Audiolab and Luxman.

An active player in British Government, Andrew represented the voice of industry from his position as Director and Chairman of the Education Committee of the MIA (Music Industries Association) and with Feargal Sharkey and UK Music, revoked the controversial “Two in a Bar Rule” that limited performances without the acquisition of special licences. Andrew works with all of the Music Industry bodies such as NAMM and Musician Union. Andrew is also the past Vice-Chairman and Director of PLASA (Professional, Light and Sound Association) and PLASA media.

Andrew was also the founder, owner and Chairman of the European Music Television Station "The Musicians Channel" (M-Channel) a new concept in Music TV, launched on Sky Digital (channel number 475) and available free to 600 million people. Andrew sold this business in 2006.

Andrew was also Non-Executive Director of Dawson's Music in Warrington for four years, the largest general Musical Instrument and amplification retailer in the UK.

Carlsbro stopped making PA in 2013. Customers persuaded Andrew to create Bishopsound Ltd in 2015 completing its financial year (in profit) in May 2016. BishopSound Ltd supplies loudspeakers to users in the EU and with contacts in 200 countries, will export BishopSound globally in 2018.

Andrew was the founder of British Acoustics ( a high-end speaker and amplifier manufacturer with production facilities in England, China and India but this project is on hold as he engineered in the VMT purchase of OHM ( and then concentrated on BishopSound.

Brimming with business experience and passion, Andrew is a top International Sales Person, a positive planner, leader, strategist, trouble-shooter, motivator, public speaker and problem solver. Andrew has held an array of senior board level positions with a track record of growing, inspiring and motivating international companies in the Music Business.

Coached by Sir Digby Jones, overseas trade is one of Andrew's prime skills, as he is universally trusted in business and is known by over 600 Music business distributors in over 200 countries, globally.

Having completed his first Marathon in London 2012, Andrew blends his fitness with a passion for good business and hard work, expects to be challenged to deliver the highest possible results in all of his undertakings. Manufacturing products in the UK once again is high on his list of “must dos” before 2020.

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